Articles and essays

A score for 'Woman of Tokyo' in liner notes to 'Three Melodramas: films by Yasujiro Ozu' DVD release BFIVD950 (London, BFI, 2012), p. 26


Music and silence, and Ozu's student comedies in liner notes to 'The Student Comedies: four silent films by Yasujiro Ozu' DVD release BFI927 (London, BFI, 2012), pp 30-31


A Mother Should Be Loved: the musical score in liner notes to ‘Late Autumn/A Mother Should Be Loved’ DVD/Blu-ray release BFIB1073 (London: BFI, 2011), pp 12-13


A new score for Yasujiro Ozu’s ‘I Was Born, But...’ in liner notes to ‘Good Morning/I Was Born, But...’ DVD/Blu-ray release BFIB1070 (London: BFI, 2011), pp 14-17


Scoring Rain: a contemporary British composer’s perspective in European Foundation Joris Ivens Newsmagazine, Issue 11, Netherlands: November 2005 p. 26 ISSN 1568-9131


Film Music Live. in ‘new notes’, December 2004, journal of the Society for the Promotion of New Music, (London: SPNM), 1 ISSN 1350-8989



Chapters in books


Interview: David Chandler and Katie Tearle with Sophy Rickett and Ed Hughes in AUDITORIUM (Brighton: Photoworks, 2011) pp 41-63 ISBN 978-1-903796-23-8


New technologies and old rites: dissonance between picture and music in readings of Joris Ivens’s Rain in Composing for the Screen in the USSR and Germany, ed. Phil Powrie and Robynn Stilwell. (Bloomington & Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 2007) pp. 93-105 ISBN 978-0-253-34976-7


Film Sound, Music and the Art of Silence Nicky Losseff and Jenny Doctor, ed., in Silence, Music, Silent Music (Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2007) pp. 87-95 ISBN 978-0-7546-5559-6



Public Talks

Invited speaker. Ways of Pronunciation Teaching. PronSIG and Teachitworld. Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution. 'Music and Speech'. 28 Sept 2013


Research seminar. Institute for Modern Music. Institut für Neue Musik der Hochschule für Musik, Freiburg, Germany. 10 May 2012


Auditorium. Short presentation. ‘Displaying Music’. V&A. 15 July 2011


Short talk on ‘polyphony’. Fabrica, Brighton. 25 May 2011


Talk on Tallis: Spem in Alium. Fabrica, Brighton. 3 May 2011


‘Chamber Concerto – Movement I’ Public pre-concert talk at Musicians of All Saints Concert. Lewes, Sussex. 27 February 2010


Research seminar. Bristol University 3 March 2009


Research seminar. Oxford Brookes 11 February 2009


Light Cuts Through Dark Skies. On new score to Ivens’s ‘Rain’. Hanns Eisler Conservatory, Berlin. International Hanns Eisler Conference. 1 November 2008


The Birds (opera) Pre-concert talks with Robert Hollingworth and John Fulljames:

Cheltenham Festival 4 July 2005

Oxford Playhouse 10 July 2005


Battleship Potemkin - a new score to Eisenstein’s film. Pre-concert talk.

University of York 4 November 2005




Interview as part of 'Hear and Now' at British Composer Awards with broadcast extract from Chaconne for Jonathan Harvey (liturgical category winner); Sat 6 December 2014 at 2230, BBC Radio 3

March/April 2010 Interview to Choir and Organ magazine on choral work A Buried Flame.

Strike (score for Eisenstein’s film) and other music. BBC Radio 3. Hear and Now. Radio interview for New Music Players. 3 May 2008

The Birds (opera). BBC Radio 3. In Tune. Radio interview with live extracts performed by the cast. On The Birds. 27 June 2005

The Birds (opera). Times T2 interview with John Fulljames on The Birds. 17 June 2005





Panel discussion on film music, with composer Michael Nyman. De La Warr Pavilion. 7 March 2009.



Other Research


Curated the University of Sussex Music Department ‘On Music and Collaboration’ research seminar series, including external guest speakers Prof Peter Wiegold and Prof Jonathan Harvey. 7 October 2009 - 12 May 2010


Developed blog for the series musicandcollaboration.blogspot.com




RVW Trust: grant (2012) to support performance costs for When the Flame Dies

Performing Rights Society Foundation: commission (2010) for A Buried Flame

Selected for development by ROH2 Opera Genesis (based at Royal Opera House)

Brighton Festival commission and platform performance (2009) for new opera

British Composers Award Nomination (2008) for Sonic Art Auditorium

Glyndebourne Opera and Photoworks: commission (2007) for Auditorium

Arts Council England – touring grant (2007) for Strike

British Composers Award Nomination (2005) for New Media Memory of Colour

Brighton Festival – commission for Battleship Potemkin (2005)

The Gresham College Prize (2005) awarded for The Birds

City of London Festival commission (2005) for opera The Birds

Brighton Festival – commission for Memory of Colour (2004)



CDs and DVDs


'The Student Comedies' DVD release BFIVD927. New scores for I Graduated, But... (1929), Days of Youth (1929), I Flunked, But... (1930), The Lady and the Beard (1931), Where Now Are the Dreams of Youth (1932). London: BFI, 2012

Third Orchid on 'Pianthology' new music for piano performed by Nicky Losseff, NMC D181. 2011

‘Late Autumn/A Mother Should Be Loved’ DVD/Blu-ray release BFIB1073. New score for A Mother Should Be Loved. London: BFI, 2011

‘Good Morning/I Was Born, But...’ DVD/Blu-ray release BFIB1070. New score for I Was Born, But... London: BFI, 2011

Strike Tartan DVD TVD3742/1. New score for Strike. 2007

Battleship Potemkin Tartan DVD TVD3742/2. New score for Battleship Potemkin. 2007

Light Cuts Through Dark Skies Unknown Public. CD UPbmic Critical Notice. 2004

Secret Sky The Schubert Ensemble - Bright Future. NMC D080. 2001

The Sibyl of Cumae London Independent Records. CD LIR003. 2001